Product advisory and coaching

Product development is uncertain and there’s no recipe on how to build impactful products at scale. I work with product and design leaders on figuring out what to build next, how to uncover business opportunities or leverage experimentation.

Product leaders

  • Product discovery — uncover meaningful insights that will inform product strategy and roadmap and contribute to business objectives
  • User research beyond usability testing. How do we know what to build next?
  • How to combinine qualitative and quantitative insights
  • Data-informed product strategy that drives business objectives
  • Experimentation (A/B) testing foundations
  • Non-trivial experimentation outside of conversion optimization
  • Experimentation adoption in your teams; cultural shift from outputs to outcomes
  • Experimentation in complex B2B context
  • How to build a great engineering-product-desing partnership

Design leaders

Lack of business awareness is one of the main limiting points in design career. We’ll work together on making sure your team makes business impact on topics like:

  • How to understand business goals and align design strategy
  • Work with data
  • Minimum viable user research
  • How to build impactful design teams
  • Upskill your team from executing on tickets to driving product strategy

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