How I can help

How: Culture and process

  • Set up product design process from opportunities discovery to solutions validation. Help product teams adopt evidence-based product decision making.
  • Help companies setting up and accelerating A/B testing to create healthy testing practices, coach product teams on experimentation set up, best practices and pitfalls
  • Build and improve design and agile team processes
  • Lead teams and projects

What: Product design and strategy

  • Discover and validate user problems and business opportunities through qualitative research and data analysis
  • Explore, Iteratively design and validate solutions through A/B testing and user testing. Feed back the learnings and adjust the strategy if needed
  • Work closely with engineers or contributing to the implementation
  • Create and evolve design systems
Pixel perfect Real-life design

Including real-life tradeoffs

Testing the riskiest assumptions while maintaining speed and avoiding analysis paralysis
Balancing speed and high quality of implementation. We need to learn fast: before creating something pixel-perfect we need to check if it's worth creating
Working around technological restriction — what can we actually deliver short and long term
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